Events Cancelled or Postponed

We are following COVID-19 health directives from Governor Jay Inslee, Washington State Parks, and the CDC. We have CANCELLED the Spring Egg Hunt scheduled for April 11th, postponed Earth Day festivities scheduled for April 18th, and cancelled the May Botany Walk and June Forest Nature Walk. Expecting that large gatherings would not be appropriate in late June, just beyond the current school closure end date, we have also cancelled Party in the Park on June 27th.


We’re postponing this 50th Birthday Party and Stewardship event until gathering restrictions are lifted. Opportunities for group stewardship will most likely look different, even later this year. But YOU can help the plants and animals in the park on your next visit simply by bringing a small garbage bag, wearing gloves, and picking up tiny pieces of garbage (gum and candy wrappers, hair ties, etc.) that seem to sneak out of pockets along the trails. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep the park pristine and magical for all who visit.

If you want to be sure to hear about upcoming stewardship opportunities in the park, once we’re officially able to organize them, please email us at:


This event has been cancelled for 2020. But we’ve developed a brief online survey to see what activities people like most about Party in the Park and will use the results to guide planning for potential community events later this year. Please share your feedbackCLICK HERE.