Foundation trustees (board members), all volunteers, are from the local community. Board members work hard to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation and the park. They care passionately about the security and future of Bridle Trails State Park. Contact us at:

Kelly Gode, Trustee & President. Kelly and her family are 17-year residents of Bridle Trails and find themselves exploring the park daily on long runs or on walks with their golden retriever – always happily on a leash! After working with the Bellevue School District to create meaningful curriculum enhancement opportunities for outdoor education when her children were small, she now finds herself excited to be planning park events for the greater community. Kelly believes that the ultimate goal of preservation lends itself to infinite opportunities to engage and share the role the park plays with others.  Kelly’s work places the park at the center of not only our community recreational health and happiness, but also that of our local and regional natural ecosystem.

Jim Erckmann, Trustee, Vice President, & Treasurer. Bridle Trails residents for more than 25 years, Jim and his wife rode their horses in the park for many decades. A professional ecologist with a love of nature, Jim's passion is promoting appreciation of this incredible natural area through environmental education and interpretation. Jim leads many of our school programs and weekend nature walks. Before he retired, Jim was Watershed Ecosystems Manager for the City of Seattle, where he managed a group of biologists, foresters, and other professionals doing habitat restoration and conducting research on species and ecosystems.

Heather Andreini, Trustee & Secretary. Heather has been a King County resident and a real estate broker for the last 25 years.  She lives with her husband, 6 equines, and her dog in Pike’s Peak.  You can often find her in the park on her large black Friesians and she is also the dressage show manager for the Lake Washington Saddle Club.  On the trails with her horses is her favorite place to spend time, which has led to a position on the board to preserve this magnificent park.

Jeff Grove, Trustee. Jeff is an avid trail runner and considers Bridle Trails to be the best place to go for an urban trail run in the entire US. He loves sharing the trails with horses and riders. He is passionate about helping preserve the character of the park and surrounding neighborhoods. He also likes to encourage new users to come to the park so that they can appreciate all the park has to offer and it's unique nature. As a former Aeronautical Engineer/Software Engineer with both Boeing and Microsoft, Jeff is well-versed in geekery. He is available to help the board with technology-related questions and technology integration in various projects.

Georgia Harper, Trustee. Thirty four years ago my husband and I with our three daughters, two horses, and two cats moved to the Pacific NW and Bridle Trails from the east coast.  We got through our first winter of rain and since have fallen in love with this area. I continue to enjoy this magnificent park, riding my rescued mustang mare and walking puppies.  I feel it very important to keep our park available to our community, therefore I was excited to join the board to help with activities that can enhance the beauty and usefulness of Bridle Trails. 

Candice Boyd, TrusteeCandice has lived in Washington since 1997 and moved to the Bridle Trails with her family, horses and dog in 2018. Her horses lived in the neighborhood at Overlake Farm since 2015. Candice is a Senior Manager in Engineering at T-Mobile based in Bellevue.  Candice also serves on the board of the Lake Washington Saddle Club and is passionate about the preservation of Bridle Trails State Park for both equestrians and the public.

Stephanie Hurley, TrusteeStephanie Hurley is the current owner and Publisher for the community magazine, Bridle Trails LIFE.  The publication features content about the families, kids, and pets within the Bridle Trails community.  Stephanie took over the publication in January 2019, and has absolutely loved meeting so many of the residents within the Bridle Trails community.  In addition, Stephanie has an extensive background in Marketing and Advertising, working in various industries from Publishing to the Trucking Industry as well as the Food & Beverage industry.  Stephanie loves giving back to the community as is thrilled to be a Trustee for the Bridle Trails State Park Foundation.  

Mary Decher, Ex Officio Trustee. Mary is a 40-year resident of Bridle Trails, making use of and enjoying the Park almost daily. Her two daughters grew-up on park trails and arenas with their ponies, then horses. Her husband, Reiner, and their dog Sigi walk daily. Their love of the Park runs deep! It is a unique asset to our environment, ecologically offering a resource for native plants and animals as well as offering a retreat for its human neighbors. Its value is priceless, worth all efforts to protect and preserve.